2023 - Volume 6 [Issue 1]

Case Report

Undifferentiatefd Connective Tissue Disorder Presenting as Tubercular Monoarthritis and Membranous Nephropathy: A Case Reporet

Vidhi Shah , Kathrotiya Vishalkumar R. , Sunil Kumar , Harshal Joshi

Page: 49-52

Gitelman Syndrome Presenting as Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis: A Case Report

Jinal Shah , Prasen Shah , Mahesh Gupta , Naresh Shah

Page: 95-100

Case Study

Calciphylaxis in Hemodialysis Patients: Diagnosis and Treatment about a Case

S. Hamine , N. Jouan , D. Dahmane , P. Grimbert

Page: 69-72

Cacchi-ricci and Caroli: Both Rare but Frequently Associated

Z. Benamara , S. Hamine , S. Nahmed , S. S. Elkhayat , G. Medkouri , M. Zamd , N. Mtioui , M. G. Benghanem , D. Laoudiyi , K. Chbani , S. Salam

Page: 88-91

An Unusual Case of Acute Obstructive Kidney Failure on Renal Transplant Complicating a Pulmonary COVID-19 Infection

Z. Benamara , S. Hamine , I. Elmokhtari , S. S. Elkhayat , G. Medkouri , M. Zamd , N. Mtioui , M. G. Benghanem , L. Barrou

Page: 92-94

Original Research Article

Histopathological Patterns of Nephrotic Syndrome in a Tertiary Care Center in Ile-Ife, Southwestern Nigeria: A 16-Year Retrospective Study

Adeyemi Abiola Adefidipe, Akinwunmi Komolafe, Bamikefa Titilope, Kayode Adelusola, Adegoke Aremu, Fatiu Arogundade

Page: 1-8

Knowledge about the Kidney, Kidney Disease, Prevention and Therapeutic Options among Non-clinical Healthcare Providers at a Tertiary Facility in Southern Nigeria: A Cross-sectional Study

Eleki Beniboba Jenewari, Briggs Datonye Christopher, Membere Ibinabo, Nonju Tamunobarabiye Ibifubara, Okachi Elageche Wesley, Peterside Michael Philip

Page: 9-20

Relationship between Intra-renal Resistive Index and Markers of Renal Function Status in Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Southern Nigeria

Eleki, Beniboba Jenewari , Robinson, Ebbi Donald , Emem-Chioma, Pedro C. , Agi, Chukwuemeka

Page: 21-32

Comparison of Blood and Urine Profiles of Remogliflozin in Rat PK Study Using a Single and Simple UPLC Method

G. K. Aiswarya , P. C. Indukala, S. Kathirvel , K. Raja Rajeswari

Page: 53-63

Dysfunction of the Arteriovenous Fistula and Mean Platelet Volume (MPV): What Relationship?

S. Hamine , Z. Benamara , F. Sounni , M. Zamd , N. Mtioui , S. S. El Khayat , G. Medkouri , M. Benghanem

Page: 64-68

In Situ Single-Pass Perfused Rabbit Intestinal Study Sample Analysis of Ractopamine by UPLC

Fatima. Namzi , Kathirvel. Singaram , Raja Rajeswari. Katta

Page: 101-113

Kidney Transplant Recipients Facing Acute Kidney Injury Complication COVID-19 Infection

Z. Benamara , R. Alafifi , S. Hamine , A. Magramane , G. Medkouri , S. S. Elkhayat , M. Zamd , N. Mtioui , M. G. Benghanem , L. Barrou

Page: 114-118

Assessment of the Effect of Vernonia amygdalina and Moringa oleifera on Some Kidney Parameters in Alloxan–Induced Diabetic Rats

Nwahiri, J. D., Ozoemena, C. C., Okolonkwo, B. N., Nwosu, D. C., Nwanjo, H. U.

Page: 119-126

Data Article

Cardiac Abnormalities in Patients with End-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease

Y. Hamine, S. Hamine, Z. Benamara, M. Zamd, N. Mtioui , S. S. El-Khayat, G. Medkouri, M. Benghanem , R. Habbal

Page: 83-87

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