Assessment of Full Blood Count Parameters in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) on Regular Haemodialysis

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Tharindu Alagiyawanna
Sajani Ranawaka
Piumanthi Karunarathne
Chandima Kulathilake


Background: Haematological profile is commonly affected in chronic kidney disease and this becomes more apparent as the disease progresses. The aim of this study was to assess full blood count (FBC) parameters in a cohort of Sri Lankan patients with End Stage Renal disease (ESRD) on regular haemodialysis.

Materials and Methods: This comparative cross-sectional study included hundred (100) patients with ESRD on regular haemodialysis, who were recruited from haemodialysis units of Colombo South Teaching Hospital (CSTH) and National Institute of Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation (NINDT) in Sri Lanka. Full blood count and serum ferritin were done in all the patients. Data were analysed statistically by using SPSS (version 19.0) data base.

Results: The cohort of hundred individuals included 60% male and 40% female patients. In this cohort, majority (n=83, 83%) were either severely or moderately anaemic with a haemoglobin less than 10.9g/dL(WHO cut off) despite erythropoietin treatment. Majority had a normal mean corpuscular volume (MCV) (n=63, 63%), but 96 (96%) patients had an increased red cell distribution width-coefficient variation (RDW-CV) indicating anisocytosis. Ninety (90%) patients had a normal total white cell count and ninety nine (99%) patients had a normal absolute reticulocyte count. Thrombocytopenia was noted in 29(29%) patients. There was no statistically significant correlation between serum ferritin and the two indices MCV and MCH

Conclusion: In our cohort, patients showed varying abnormalities in haematological parameters which were comparable to previous studies. Most importantly, anaemia and thrombocytopenia are anticipated in these patients, so that regular monitoring of haemoglobin and platelet count is indicated in chronic renal failure patients undergoing haemodialysis.

Chronic kidney disease, end stage renal disease, haemodialysis, anaemia, thrombocytopenia

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Alagiyawanna, T., Ranawaka, S., Karunarathne, P., & Kulathilake, C. (2020). Assessment of Full Blood Count Parameters in Patients with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) on Regular Haemodialysis. Asian Journal of Research in Nephrology, 3(2), 26-32. Retrieved from
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