Hepatotoxicity in the Liver of Wistar Rats Administered with a Combination of Tramadol and Rophynol

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E. U. Eric
E. F. Eruvwahwe
V. E. Ohwodo
S. B. Izein


Objectives: The objective of this research was to investigate the histopathological effects of combined oral administration of Tramadol and Rohypnol on the liver and kidney of adult Wistar rats.

Materials: Thirty two (32) adult Wister rats weighing 120 ± 20 g - 180 ±30 g comprising sixteen (16) males and sixteen (16) females were procured from the animal house of the Department of Pharmacology, College of Health Sciences Niger Delta University, Bayelsa state. Nigeria, assigned into four (4) major groups with four male, 4 females animals in each group after the period of acclimatization: a control group "A" and three test groups (B, C and D), Group A (control), test Groups B:Tramadol only. Group C: Rohypnol only. Group D received a combined oral dose of Tramadol and Rohypnol. At the end of the treatment, the liver and the kidney of each sacrificed rat were processed for paraffin sectioning and stained with Harris hematoxylin and eosin.

Results: Photomicrograph of Groups B, C and D show moderate inflammatory cells and obliteration of the central vein which are features of hepatic injury.

Conclusion: The present study concluded that oral combination of Tramadol and Rohypnol induces hepatoxicity and inflammation of the liver but produces no effect on the kidney at the dose and time.

Liver, kidney, tramadol, rophynol, oral, hepatotoxicity

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Eric, E. U., Eruvwahwe, E. F., Ohwodo, V. E., & Izein, S. B. (2020). Hepatotoxicity in the Liver of Wistar Rats Administered with a Combination of Tramadol and Rophynol. Asian Journal of Research in Nephrology, 3(1), 1-8. Retrieved from https://journalajrn.com/index.php/AJRN/article/view/30094
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